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What is a weak chin?

For some, the chin is a defining feature – a chiseled point of pride; but others are persistently bothered by their weak chin, and plagued by the unbalanced profile it creates. If your chin isn’t prominent enough, or appears out of balance with the rest of your face, it can accentuate facial asymmetry or draw attention to aging concerns such as jowls, submental fullness (double chin) or lax skin. If this is a concern of yours, keep your chin up, we can help.

What causes a weak chin?

The shape and size of our chin and jawline is mostly determined by genetics, though aging can often play a role in the changes we see over time. As we age, we begin to see a depletion in facial tissues and volume, as well as a loss of skin elasticity in the area causing the chin to appear weak. An already weak or small chin can lose even more appeal over time.

About weak chin treatments.

Until recently, plastic surgery such as chin implants or a face lift was the only way to effectively correct a weak chin. Today, non-surgical face shaping is made possible by advanced dermal filler techniques. At Cosmedica, injectable chin filler treatments eliminate the need for surgery, anesthesia, and significant downtime. Treatments are safe, effective, and results are instant – often requiring little more than a make-up touch up following treatment. Chin fillers can transform the contours of your chin, adding volume, increasing definition, and improving symmetry and visual balance. Our team is dedicated to providing desirable, natural looking results. A thorough consultation will determine the treatment best suited to your unique condition and goals.





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