Double Chin

Extra fullness round the neck and chin can be the result of genetics and aging. Learn more about treatments for a double chin.

Do you have a double chin?

Submental fullness—also known as that pesky double chin—is a condition that weighs heavily on more than half our adult population. Often resistant to diet and exercise, it can be the source of serious frustration and undermined self-esteem. If when you look in the mirror, the face staring back at you looks as though it has extra fullness, you’re not alone.

What causes double chins?

Despite what we may believe, a double chin can manifest regardless of one’s weight. In fact, double chins are most often the result of genetics and aging, and can be difficult to eliminate with changes to diet and activity levels alone. Double chins can also present in our youth when it is simply a matter of extra fullness.

About double chin treatments.

Surgical double chin treatments such as liposuction have been the leading solution until very recently. Recent innovations and advancements in medical aesthetics have resulted in new ways to enhance your appearance and achieve a more desirable front and side profile. Cosmedica offers a variety of safe and clinically proven double chin treatments including fat-reducing injections (Belkyra®) and fat-freezing technologies (Coolsculpting™), to contour the area under the jawline with very little downtime. A thorough consultation will allow us to create a personal treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and cosmetic goals.

Symptoms Include:

fat around the neck and chin

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