Crows Feet & Frown Lines

Aging is a beautiful experience, but crows feet and frown lines can make us look more tired than we really feel.

What are crows feet and frown lines?

Crow’s feet and frown lines—even the nicknames aren’t pretty. As we grow older, we start to notice the appearance of these wrinkles with every smile, frown, or furrowed brow. Crows feet are known to set up camp around our eyes, as frown lines create a home between our brows. While aging is truly a beautiful experience, these particular wrinkles can make us look more tired and drawn than we really feel. Fortunately, there are effective treatments to stop these lines in their tracks, before they age us beyond our years.

What causes crows feet and frown lines?

Crows feet and frown lines are what we call dynamic wrinkles. They occur from repeated muscle movements and facial expressions. When we’re young, our supportive collagen and elastin networks allow our skin to rebound from our facial expressions without a trace. As time passes, however, damage from sun exposure, lifestyle factors and the natural aging process cause these supportive networks to degrade, leaving the skin vulnerable to more permanent impressions from these repeated movements. Dynamic wrinkles are the first to appear, and as we age they become static – unless we intervene.

Symptoms Include:

deep wrinkles expression lines smile lines squint lines fine lines

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