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About Fotana Micropeels in Victoria.

At Cosmedica, we pride ourselves on providing Victoria and Vancouver Island residents with premium treatments that suit their every skin need. Treatments like the Micropeel bridge the gap between superficial skin exfoliation treatments such as chemical peels and more assertive fractional laser treatments. For patients who want to maintain or boost their skin radiance and encourage regeneration without the recovery time associated with assertive laser resurfacing, Micropeels are a perfect fit.

Fotana Micropeels help with:

  • pores
  • skin texture & tone
  • wrinkles & fines lines

How it works:

Using light energy, the Micropeel targets the outermost layers of the skin to depths that activate special messenger proteins. These messenger cells communicate with the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate cell regeneration. When the cell renewal process is mobilized, skin texture is smoothed, pores are refined, and the skin is revitalized–imparting a beautiful glow to your complexion.

  • LOW
  • MED
  • HIGH

Starting from $350 per treatment

1 Day15 Days
Number of treatments

1 to 3 treatment sessions

Micropeel Frequently Asked Questions

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