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About electrocautery in Victoria.

If you’re affected by skin tags, you know that although harmless, these common fleshy growths are often unsightly and annoying, especially if they become irritated or inflamed. Luckily for Victoria and Vancouver island patients, skin tags can easily and effectively be managed as they appear. At Cosmedica, we offer a range of options for the removal of skin tags, including electrocautery, cryotherapy and CO2 laser performed by a specialized dermatologist.

Electrocautery helps with:

  • skin tags and milia

How it works:

Electrocautery uses a light electrical current to heat up the skin, in order to destroy and remove the skin tag in question. The in-office procedure is fast and comfortable, lasting approximately 30 minutes. A topical anaesthetic is applied to minimize any potential discomfort, at which point the skin tag is cauterized with several touches of the electrocautery handpiece. The tag will become dry and black and will either fall off immediately or within one to two weeks. This process and the recovery time will vary depending on the location of the skin tag, and individual healing.

  • LOW
  • MED
  • HIGH

Starting from $150 per treatment

1 Day15 Days
Number of treatments


Electrocautery Frequently Asked Questions

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