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What are red spots?

Red spots, also known as cherry spots or cherry angiomas, are common skin imperfections. Made up of blood vessels, red spots can develop over any and all areas of the body. As the name suggests, these tend to be bright red, small, and circular or oval in shape. Some red spots may appear slightly raised, while others may be smooth and even with the skin. If you find yourself with red spots on your face or body, don’t fret, we have a solution.

What causes red spots on the face and body?

The exact cause of these red spots is unknown, but they’ve been linked to pregnancy, hormonal imbalances and to climate. Aging may also be a factor in their development, since they often begin to appear after the age of thirty, and seem to increase in size and number as we grow older; there may also be a genetic factor that makes certain people more susceptible to their development. Since they contain blood vessels, red spots may bleed when scratched, rubbed, or cut open.

About red spot treatments.

There are many types of red spots, and it’s important to first establish a diagnosis and ensure they are innocent with the help of your dermatologist; certainly if you notice a change in the way a red spot looks, you should consult a physician. Our dermatologist-directed centre helps to properly diagnose and direct best treatments. If spots are not of medical consequence, you may still wish to remove them for cosmetic reasons, or simply because they are a nuisance. Cosmedica is dedicated to providing safe, effective, and tailored solutions, and offers advanced laser technologies to effectively clear red spots on the face and body. A thorough consultation will allow us to assess your unique condition, and design a customized plan for your needs and lifestyle.

Symptoms Include:

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Vascular laser treatments can help treat facial vessels, rosacea, and red spots on both the face and body.

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