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What are age spots?

Age spots, sun spots, brown spots, liver spots—whatever you call them, these unsightly spots can result in an uneven or blotchy complexion and an aged appearance. Typically found on areas exposed to the sun such as the face, neck, chest, back, arms, legs and hands, these spots are a common aging concern that can appear as early as our twenties and continue to progress over time. Appearing as brown and sometimes white spots that are flat and round, with variation in their diameter and shape, many people opt to have them treated.

What causes age spots?

Despite their many names, age spots have nothing to do with the liver, or with age specifically. These unsightly spots are primarily the result of prolonged sun exposure, though a genetic predisposition can also play a part. Time spent in the sun can damage the very DNA of our skin cells, which in turn disrupts the normal production of melanin (the pigment that gives our skin its colour). As a result, irregular brown spots begin to surface and cause our skin to appear older than we feel.

Remove age spots.

Luckily, thanks to today’s medical aesthetic treatments and technologies, you don’t have to live with sun spots forever. At Cosmedica, we offer a range of effective, non-invasive treatments including laser therapies, professional skin treatments, and medical grade skincare to effectively reduce signs of sun damage from the skin. We are dedicated to providing safe and effective solutions to remove age spots at all stages of life. A thorough consultation will allow us to assess your unique condition, and design a tailored brown spot treatment plan that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Don’t let age spots define you – allow us to reveal your best skin.

Symptoms Include:

brown spots hyperpigmentation 



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