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The aging eye.

As the windows to our souls, our eyes see a lot of action. With every smile, giggle and furrowed brow, the delicate skin around them is being affected; it’s no wonder this is one of the first places we notice the effects of aging. Issues such as heavy eyelids, dark circles, puffiness, eye bags, drooping eyelids, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles can make us look tired and drawn.

What causes the skin around our eyes to age?

The skin around the eyes is remarkably thin, making it especially vulnerable to environmental and internal aggressors. As a result of sun damage and intrinsic aging factors such as the degradation of collagen fibres, the skin around the eyes is often the first to loose its resilience. As this skin becomes thinner, heavy eyelids, dark circles, fine lines, sagging and drooping become noticeable. The muscles around the eyes are also subject to dynamic facial expressions, which can lead to the deepening expression lines not-so-affectionately-known as crow’s feet. As for the often-dreaded eye bags – these occur when youthful fatty tissues in the area herniate through the weakened muscle, collagen, and elastin fibres that normally hold it in place.

About eye treatments.

A comprehensive approach that includes both prevention and correction can rejuvenate the periorbital region and restore lost resilience and youth to your eyes. Cosmedica offers a diverse range of eye bag treatments, eye wrinkle treatments, and other aesthetic eye treatments tailored to individual patient needs and lifestyles. From injectable treatments to ultrasound and laser therapies, we will work with you to create a personalized solution based on your desired results. Whether you’re looking to prevent heavy eyelids, wrinkles, and dark circles, or you’d like to reverse puffiness, pigmentation or fine lines, we can help.

Symptoms Include:

dark circles crows feet sunken eyes infra-orbital hollow eye bags heavy eyelids




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