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About Belkyra™ treatments in Victoria.

Finally, a solution for that dreaded double chin! Introducing Belkyra™, a breakthrough, FDA-cleared procedure that is clinically proven to eliminate fat cells underneath the chin. This minimally invasive, no-surgery-required injectable treatment restores definition to the neck and jawline for a more youthful appearance. Belkyra™ is a truly innovative solution for Victoria and Vancouver Island residents to shape and refine the chin and jawline without liposuction or surgery.

Belkyra™ helps with:

  • chin fat

How it works:

The Belkyra™ procedure typically takes 20-30 minutes and involves the application of a treatment grid underneath the chin. This grid acts as a guide for precisely injecting a medicated solution that will break down and eliminate those pesky unwanted fat cells. Following treatment, you may experience a stinging sensation along with some mild soreness, numbness, swelling and bruising. Swelling can last 10-14 days, but it shouldn’t interfere with your usual routine.

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  • MED
  • HIGH

Starting from $1200 per treatment

1 Day15 Days
Number of treatments

2 to 3 treatment sessions.

Belkyra™ Frequently Asked Questions

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