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What is facial volume loss?

Do you ever look in the mirror, expecting your reflection to confirm the way you feel inside (really good!) only to be let down? For some reason, the stranger staring back at you looks tired and drawn, despite every effort you’ve made with your diet and skincare routine. Heavy eyelids, hollowness under the eyes, fallen cheeks and jowls, and deep folds around the mouth can all contribute to a sunken or hollow look that adds years to our appearance. Facial volume loss begins as early as our 30s and becomes incrementally more pronounced with each passing decade.

What causes facial volume loss?

Facial volume loss can arise as a result of sun damage, rapid weight changes, and, of course, the very natural aging process. As we grow older, we slowly lose our collagen reserves, facial fat and muscle tissues, which manifest in a gradual yet increasingly noticeable loss of volume in several areas of the face. As facial volume diminishes, we begin to see lines and wrinkles, hollowing around the eyes, sunken temples, flattened cheeks, jowls, and deep folds. In general, skin appears drier, thinner, and less vibrant. All these factors combined can make us look tired, prematurely aged and out of sync with how we feel.

About facial volume loss treatments.

When working to refresh a tired complexion and improve facial volume loss, we focus on four key dimensions: lifting, tightening, relaxing, and restoring. Cosmedica offers a diverse platform of aesthetic treatments within these dimensions: cheek filler, or filler under the eyes instantly replenishes lost volume; radiofrequency and ultrasound technologies address skin laxity; neuromodulators relax tension in the face; and laser therapies restore skin quality. A professional consultation will determine the treatment best suited to your unique goals. We are dedicated to providing safe and effective results for all patients; let us help you look as good as you feel.

Symptoms Include:

infra-orbital hollow hollow cheeks sunken temples dark circles heavy eyelids jowls



For thinning lips, mouth wrinkles, hollows, and more, dermal fillers provide a lasting, natural-looking solution

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Neuromodulators treat frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet and more for a rested and refreshed appearance.

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A non-invasive skin tightening technology, Thermage® restores and rejuvenates facial and body contours.

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Where mild to moderate skin laxity is concerned, Ultherapy® is an alternative to facial cosmetic surgery.

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This skin remodeling treatment combines the transformative powers of microneedling and radiofrequency to holistically rejuvenate skin.

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Beauty Booster

Repair skin from the inside out with the Beauty Booster Microneedling Device

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