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Are you considering tattoo removal?

A tattoo is a lifelong commitment… or is it? There are several reasons you may decide to remove or modify a tattoo—whether it has become faded or distorted due to age or changes in body shape, or you’re experiencing a bad case of buyer’s remorse and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be allowed to change your mind. In the past, tattoos were in fact a life-long commitment, but advances in laser therapy now offer a safe and effective way to successfully fade or remove an unwanted tattoo. Don’t let all of your past choices define you; consider laser tattoo removal.

About laser tattoo removal.

Tattoos come in many shapes, colours and sizes and can be professional or amateur in type. As with any cosmetic procedure, each unique tattoo will require a tailored treatment plan. A thorough evaluation will determine the most effective solution for your lifestyle and goals. As the first laser center in Victoria and Vancouver Island to offer laser tattoo removal and now with over 20 years’ experience, Cosmedica offers our clients the latest techniques and technologies for optimal results. At Cosmedica, we’re equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology for quicker, safer and more effective treatments than ever before. These technologies work by fracturing tattoo pigments to allow the body’s immune system to gradually eliminate unwanted colour. Having many different colours in a tattoo can be an added challenge; we’re equipped with multiple laser systems to effectively target specific colours of ink with maximum safety. Multiple treatments are typically required to achieve the desired result, patient comfort is our ultimate priority. We offer the Zimmer air cooler and for some, topical anesthetic creams can be helpful.

As a pro bono service to the community, Cosmedica provides free treatment for removal of the small dark tattoo marks placed for the purposes of treating cancer with radiation. We also treat gravel tattoos that can happen from road accidents and will consider the use of the Fraxel laser to help smooth and even out the tattooed areas once they have been cleared.

Symptoms Include:

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Laser tattoo removal makes it possible to safely remove amateur, professional, medical, and cosmetic tattoos.

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