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Are you considering nose shaping?

The nose is a defining feature of our faces—for better or for worse—and naturally, noses come in an infinite number of different shapes, sizes, and even colours. Maybe you have a bumpy, uneven, or angled nose bridge, an asymmetrical nose or nostrils, or a pointed or bulbous nose tip. These features may be genetic, or the result of an injury, a previous surgery, rosacea or even aging. Whatever the case, when your nose starts to affect how you see yourself, or how you feel you are seen by others, it may be time to seek a solution.

Why a non-surgical nose job?

If you’re looking to reshape, refine, or balance the features of your nose, a non-surgical nose job may be the answer. It used to be that surgery was the only option for the reshaping or augmentation of the nose. While surgery is absolutely effective and more suitable in some instances, we’re now able to offer less invasive options that provide immediate results with no downtime. Known as the “non-surgical nose job”, nose shaping with the use of dermal fillers is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment that we’re proud to offer at Cosmedica.

About the non-surgical nose job.

Nose filler is artfully employed to temporarily enhance, balance, and improve nasal proportions. Innovative techniques allow us to correct asymmetry and imperfections for instant, long-lasting results. Unlike with surgery, you can immediately return to regular activities, and enjoy your results for up to a year. For rhinophyma, an irregularly enlarged nose due to rosacea, we also offer laser resurfacing to help restore the nose to its proper proportions. A thorough consultation will help us assess your individual needs and design a customized treatment plan to fit your unique lifestyle and goals. With this safe and effective nose shaping solution, improved facial harmony and confidence are easier than ever to achieve.

Symptoms Include:

rhinophyma bulbous nose nose or nostril asymmetry bumpy nose



For thinning lips, mouth wrinkles, hollows and more, dermal fillers provide a lasting natural-looking solution.

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