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Do you have short or thin eyelashes?

We all dream of having longer, fuller lashes, just like those we see in magazines and movies. Full, dark lashes are a staple of youth, and often one of the simplest ways to achieve younger looking eyes. When lashes are short and thin, aging concerns such as dark circles, lines and wrinkles become more pronounced. To solve this problem, women often turn to mascaras, falsies or eyelash extensions, but there is a way to realise natural, covetable lashes without these artificial, lash-damaging solutions.

What causes short or thin eyelashes?

While for some of us, lashes lacking vitality, fullness and depth of color are simply a genetically determined reality, there are also medical conditions and medications that can lead to thinning lashes. In many other cases, aging is the culprit. As our eyelash follicles age, we lose hair germ cells and fewer lashes are produced. The result? Thinner, shorter, and fairer lashes – exactly what we fight against every morning with eye makeup.

Grow longer eyelashes.

The good news is that there is a way to realise the long, full and dark natural eyelashes you’ve always wanted. Cosmedica offers an effective, all-natural prescription eyelash treatment to help you grow longer, fuller and darker natural eyelashes in just a few weeks. We are fully dedicated to providing safe, personalized solutions for your lash concerns. A thorough consultation will determine your candidacy for an at-home eyelash enhancement treatment.





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