The skincare we recommend is characterized by high quality ingredients and results that are backed by science.

About skincare in Victoria.

As a centre for dermatology and laser medicine, professional at-home skincare is a vital component of the Cosmedica experience. The brands we recommend to our Victoria and Vancouver Island patients are characterized by high quality ingredients with results that are backed by science. In order to protect, prevent, and continue to improve on the results achieved through in-office procedures, we create individualized skincare plans for every patient, centered around comprehensive sun protection.

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At-home skincare plans follow Dr. Lupin’s formula for healthy skin: the ABCs of skincare. This approach embraces the most researched and understood active ingredients and skincare steps today:

Dedicating yourself to a professional skincare routine is an essential step toward healthy, beautiful skin.


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Skincare Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I see results?+-

Results will depend on what you are treating. For pigmentation, you’re likely to see some initial fading in the first 6 weeks. Topical antioxidants such as vitamin C should help immediately to reverse initial signs of sun damage while providing cumulative long term benefits for healthier skin.

What results will I see?+-

Skincare is focused on each person’s individual needs. Everyone benefits from protection such as use of topical antioxidants and broad spectrum sunscreen. Skincare can be tailored to fading brown discolouration, treating acne and oily skin, helping relieve redness and irritation for those with sensitive skin, and boosting our own internal repair systems.

What’s the recovery time like?+-

Most skincare is gentle with no recovery. Topical vitamin A such as with Retinol can lead to initial dryness and flakiness for the first 4-6 weeks until this gradually normalizes.


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