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Our aging hands.

When it comes to our face, we take our anti-aging routine seriously, yet we tend to leave our hands to their own devices. The delicate skin on our hands is as exposed to our environment as our face here in Victoria, BC, though it’s usually less protected. Our hands are dehydrated, damaged and wrinkled as a result, or perhaps we notice irregular pigmentation or a loss of volume accentuating bones and tendons. No matter our hands’ affliction, they are likely betraying our age.

What causes our hands to age?

While most of us are concentrating on our hair colour and fitness, our hands are hard at work with nary a regular SPF application in sight. Over time—following repeated exposure to environmental factors—the soft-tissue volume of our hands becomes depleted. As a result, the once baby-smooth skin on our hands becomes loose and wrinkled, and veins and tendons appear more prominent. Beyond textural problems, we may also experience pigmentation issues, such as age or sun spots.

About anti-aging hand treatments.

It’s not too late to make our digits a priority, and restore healthier, younger-looking hands. Cosmedica offers a full range of safe, effective anti-aging hand treatments, including injectable treatments, laser and light therapies. These treatments can be tailored to individual patient needs and lifestyles to help restore youthful volume between hand bones and tendons, improve skin texture and tone, and reduce sun damage and age spots. A thorough consultation will determine the anti-aging hand treatment best suited to your unique hands. We’re here to make sure your hands never give away your best-kept secret again.

Symptoms Include:

age spots crepey skin prominent veins bones and tendons



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