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What are leg veins?

Leg veins—often referred to as spider veins—are the red, blue, green or purple veins we often see appear beneath our skin’s surface. These unwelcome webbed or branch-like veins serve no purpose and are usually harmless, but many find them aesthetically bothersome.

What causes leg veins?

Not to be confused with varicose veins—which present as larger, bulging rope-like veins that can be painful or uncomfortable—spider leg veins are extremely common, and most of us will experience them to some degree throughout our lives. Factors that contribute to their development include family history, sun exposure, pregnancy and hormonal changes, as well as physical factors such as prolonged standing and mild trauma.

About leg vein treatments.

The appearance of spider veins doesn’t have to mean the end of shorts and skirts worn with confidence. Cosmedica offers several safe leg vein treatments, including effective laser technologies, to eliminate prominent leg veins by promoting their natural clearing. We are dedicated to providing solutions tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle, and our thorough consultation process will help assess the leg vein treatment best suited to your unique condition. It should be noted that if you are struggling with varicose veins (usually having a diameter of more than 4mm), you should see your family physician to determine the best course of action for medical treatment.

Symptoms Include:

spider veins broken capillaries blue or red vessels 



Vascular laser treatments can help treat facial vessels, rosacea, and red spots on both the face and body.

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