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Do you need jawline contouring?

As we grow older, certain signs of aging are more welcome than others. The loss of definition and tone that often occurs along the lower face and jawline is perhaps among those less appreciated. As our skin loses resilience and firmness, our once-defined jawlines become compromised by lax skin, dips and bulges that suddenly blur the reflection we see in the mirror. 

What causes jowls?

The changes we see in our once-defined jawlines are often a result of genetics, but can also be attributed to gravity, sun exposure, aging and/or certain lifestyle choices including changes in weight. As we age, the dermis begins to produce less collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, our skin loses resilience and firmness, and our jawline gets lost in the shuffle.

About jowls treatments.

Until recently, invasive solutions including lower facelifts were the only jowls treatments available. Luckily, recent innovations and advancements in medical aesthetics have resulted in non-surgical skin-tightening treatments that are safe and effective. Cosmedica offers a variety of treatments including injectable dermal fillers, radio-frequency, ultrasound, and laser skin firming therapies tailored to your unique skin structures to promote the body’s natural skin tightening response and stimulate new collagen production with very little downtime. A thorough consultation will allow us to create a personal treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and cosmetic goals.

Symptoms Include:

lax skin heaviness sagging marionette lines 



For thinning lips, mouth wrinkles, hollows and more, dermal fillers provide a lasting natural-looking solution.

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A non-invasive skin tightening technology, Thermage® restores and rejuvenates facial and body contours.

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Where mild to moderate skin laxity is concerned, Ultherapy® is an alternative to facial cosmetic surgery.

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