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What are moles?

Moles are common skin growths that occur when pigment cells called melanocytes grow in a cluster rather than being spread throughout the skin. They can appear anywhere on the body, and can vary in size, shape (though they’re often round or oval) and colour (they can be pinkish or skin-toned, brown and even black). Except for a perfectly placed beauty mark, moles can be a nuisance at best, and, in rare cases where melanoma arises, a health risk at worst.

What causes moles?

Moles can be present at birth, develop during childhood, or appear over time as a result of sun exposure. Genetics play a large part in their development, and it’s completely normal for moles to change and even disappear over the course of our lifetime. Moles are generally benign and harmless, however, moles that appear suddenly in adulthood, or have an unusual appearance should be examined.

About mole removal treatments.

As the first step to mole removal, we recommend seeking a referral to an external dermatologist for an assessment. Once the mole in question is determined to be benign, the next step is to book a cosmetic consultation with us. We will determine the best treatment option for you based on your unique circumstances. Our team is aptly qualified and dedicated to providing safe and effective solutions for your mole concerns. We offer a diverse platform of laser mole removal treatments complemented by comprehensive medical care.

Symptoms Include:

brown spots pigmentation skin growths raised spots




Remove pesky moles non-surgically with laser mole removal.

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Cosmedica specializes in laser treatments for skin pigmentation, from freckles to acne hyperpigmentation and more.

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