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Dr. Carmel Anderson, magnifying patients' health and beauty with a personalized holistic approach

Dr. Carmel Anderson is a reputable and experienced dermatologist who trained at UBC. Her recent move to Victoria has enabled her to pursue a passion that she’s had for years. Dr. Anderson started doing laser treatments in her residency over 25 years ago and completed a course in lasers at Harvard Medical School. Following that, she treated with laser in Regina and Calgary and then eventually in Kelowna. And now, she is delighted to be part of the team at Cosmedica. Dr. Anderson performed Dermal Filler and Botox in her clinic in Kelowna but being the only dermatologist in the Okanagan valley for many years, with a waitlist of 18 to 24 months, it was difficult to fit a large cosmetic practice into her schedule. Seven dermatologists have replaced the areas that she served, so now she feels the freedom to pursue her medical aesthetics interests.

Dr. Anderson: “I am passionate about helping people see their own beauty and then working with them to enhance their natural beauty. Nutrition, healthy food, and lifestyle have been my passions since high school. I find that the creativity that I use to make healthy, delicious food look beautiful also transfers to treating my patients- to help them magnify their health and beauty. Many characteristics of good healthy food such as freshness, symmetry, color, and texture, as well as the need for delicate and precise preparation and care also apply to our skin. It is my pleasure and privilege to work at Cosmedica with the goal of enhancing the lives of the people that I touch there.”


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