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About mole excision in Victoria.

A mole is a common skin growth that can appear anywhere on the body, and can vary in size, shape, and colour. Unless it’s a perfectly placed beauty mark, moles can distract from our comfort, our appearance, and even affect our self-esteem. Though often benign, many Victoria and Vancouver Island patients opt to have moles removed for cosmetic reasons. At Cosmedica, we offer a range of options for the removal of moles, including shave excision or surgical excision, complemented by comprehensive medical care.

Mole excision helps with:

  • moles

How it works:

The first step is to establish that the moles in question are benign, and that mole excision is the ideal course of treatment. Depending on the location and depth of the mole, as well as the desired outcome, your Dermatologist will determine whether shave excision or surgical excision will provide optimal results. Shave excision is a simple procedure in which a thin, razor-like tool is used to carefully slice away the mole; stitches are not required following shave excision. Surgical excision is deeper than a shave excision and more like traditional surgery. The entire mole, including the root, is cut out using a scalpel, after which the incision is closed with stitches. Surgical excision carries the least likely chance of regrowth, but an initial linear scar is a natural consequence. In some cases, excision is followed by laser scar revision to aim for best results.

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Starting from $350 per treatment

1 Day15 Days
Number of treatments

1-2 treatment sessions

Mole Excision Frequently Asked Questions

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