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What are facial spider veins?

Facial spider veins appear when the tiny vessels just beneath our skin’s surface become dilated or more prominent. As this happens, blood that normally flows in and out of these vessels may pool and remain in the vessel, resulting in small clusters of tiny capillaries, visible beneath the skin; they can appear red, blue, or even green or purple, and sometimes have a webbed appearance (which is why we call them spider veins). These unsightly veins can occur almost anywhere on the body, but are commonly found on the face, around the nose, cheeks, chin and neck.

What causes spider veins on the face?

Spider veins on the face also known as facial vessels, broken capillaries, or dilated capillaries are extremely common. In fact, most of us will experience them to some degree throughout our lives, but that doesn’t make them any less bothersome. So what gives? These veins and vessels may be triggered by hereditary or genetic factors or underlying conditions such as rosacea, but are certainly aggravated and made more prominent as a result of the natural aging process, sun exposure, facial injuries or surgeries – all of which may affect the healthy function of these vessels. Facial flushing or blushing of rosacea may also eventually evolve into spider veins.

About spider vein treatments.

Management of spider veins on the face made possible with medical aesthetic treatments and procedures is key to their control and maintenance. Cosmedica offers several safe and effective spider vein removal treatments, including broadband light treatments, to reduce and eliminate networks of small, flushing veins, and also dedicated laser treatments which target and promote a natural clearing of more prominent, aesthetically bothersome vessels. We are dedicated to providing solutions tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle, and our thorough consultation process will help to assess the spider vein treatment best suited to your unique condition.

Symptoms Include:

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BBL™ (Broadband Light)

This effective, efficient treatment targets a variety of skin concerns – with no surgery and minimal downtime.

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Vascular laser treatments can help treat facial vessels, rosacea, and red spots on both the face and body.

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