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What is cellulite?

Affecting 80 to 90 percent of all women, and 10 percent of all men, cellulite is a very common and often unavoidable condition. Presenting as an all-too-familiar dimpling or waffling of the skin in areas such as the legs, buttocks and thighs, the visible effects of cellulite often impact one’s body image and self-esteem, prompting men and women alike to cover up at the pool and avoid short shorts altogether.

What causes cellulite?

Many people believe that only those who are overweight or obese are plagued by pesky cellulite. In truth, it appears in women (and sometimes men) of all ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes. There is no single determined cause for cellulite—genetics, hormones, and lifestyle factors can all come into play—but in recent years, research has helped us understand that the dimpled appearance of cellulite is actually caused by connective, fibrous bands woven through fatty tissues. These bands pin down skin and create puckering on the surface.

About cellulite treatments.

At Cosmedica we offer Thermage®, a non-invasive method used to minimize the appearance of cellulite. It is considered the gold standard of non-invasive technologies for reducing the appearance of cellulite and tightening skin. This dual benefit is the Thermage advantage.

A single treatment of Thermage may provide months to a year or two of benefit, with little to no downtime. This treatment works to stimulate new collagen by using pulses of energy that penetrate the skin deep into the fat layer. The procedure is relatively short with results gradually evolving over a few months after treatment. A thorough consultation will determine if Thermage is right for you.

Symptoms Include:

dimpling Bulges 



A non-invasive skin tightening technology, Thermage® restores and rejuvenates facial and body contours.

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