A non-invasive skin tightening technology, Thermage® restores and rejuvenates facial and body contours.

About Thermage® in Victoria.

While we may fixate on our first fine lines and wrinkles, we’re often unaware of the impact of diminished collagen production until folds and ill-defined contours appear, seemingly overnight. This aging process takes place unseen below the skin’s surface and can make our features appear tired or sunken. Diminished collagen can also alter the quality of the skin on the body, causing looseness and contributing to the appearance of cellulite. Thermage® is a non-invasive skin tightening technology that helps Victoria and Vancouver Island residents to correct some of these signs of aging, activating your skin’s own regenerative power to restore and rejuvenate facial and body contours.

Thermage® helps with:

How it works:

Using proprietary controlled pulse technology (CPT), Thermage® delivers waves of radio frequency energy to heat deep layers of the skin while cooling the surface for added comfort and safety. After just one treatment, the skin is firmer, facial and body contours are better defined. Heat energy precisely delivered to the dermis, bypassing the epidermis, leaving it cool, remodels existing collagen fibers and activates the production of new and healthy connective tissue. An immediate collagen contraction and improved blood circulation can give an instant lifted appearance. With celebrity endorsements and a long track record of excellence, Thermage® is considered a safe and effective way to tone and tighten lax skin without surgery.


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Thermage® Frequently Asked Questions

Does Thermage® hurt?+-

Depending on your individual tolerance, a Thermage® treatment is easily tolerated with the help of oral analgesics.

How soon will I see results?+-

Some patients notice an immediate, temporary collagen contraction. New collagen synthesis–and therefore skin tightening–develops over the weeks and months following the treatment; results peak at around 3 months and continue for up to 1 year. Repeat treatments may be recommended every 18 months.

What results will I see?+-

Targeted areas of lax skin will tighten, redefining facial contours. In addition, your skin will generally appear more plump and supple.

What’s the recovery time like?+-

There are no obvious effects of treatments, though some patients may notice some mild tenderness or swelling. You should be able to return immediately to all regular activities.

How do I maintain my result?+-

Following an anti-aging skincare regimen that includes an antioxidant serum in combination with concentrated formulations that enhance collagen production, and a broad spectrum sunscreen every day, rain or shine, is imperative to prevent further damage. We also highly recommend taking a nutricosmetic, such as the Advanced Dermal Formula from GliSODin® Skin Nutrients, to protect and maintain the integrity of your skin’s collagen.


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