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About StarFormer® in Victoria.

Cosmedica is pleased to offer the all-new StarFormer® by Fotona! This incredible magnetic muscle stimulation, toning, and contouring device was designed and engineered to target deep toning and tissue repair for a wide range of cosmetic and medical concerns such as tightening and toning the abdomen, arms, buttocks, and more without using heat, radiofrequency, or fat freezing technology... But through the power of magnetic energy! And visible body shaping is only the beginning of what this system can do for you.


StarFormer® helps with

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

  • Loose or Lax Skin

  • Stubborn Fat

  • Erectile Dysfunction

    How it works:

StarFormer®’s High-Intensity Tesla Magnetic Stimulation (HITS™) system is the new go-to treatment for sexual health, performance, muscle strengthening, body slimming, skin tightening, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, and even pain reduction all with no discomfort or downtime!

  • LOW
  • MED
  • HIGH

Starting from $450 per treatment

1 Day15 Days
Number of treatments


StarFormer® Frequently Asked Questions

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