Introducing Belkyra™, the breakthrough procedure for fat cells underneath the chin.

About Belkyra™ treatments in Victoria.

Finally, a solution for that dreaded double chin! Introducing Belkyra™, a breakthrough, FDA-cleared procedure that is clinically proven to eliminate fat cells underneath the chin. This minimally invasive, no-surgery-required injectable treatment restores definition to the neck and jawline for a more youthful appearance. Belkyra™ is a truly innovative solution for Victoria and Vancouver Island residents to shape and refine the chin and jawline without liposuction or surgery.

Belkyra™ helps with:

How it works:

The Belkyra™ procedure typically takes 20-30 minutes and involves the application of a treatment grid underneath the chin. This grid acts as a guide for precisely injecting a medicated solution that will break down and eliminate those pesky unwanted fat cells. Following treatment, you may experience a stinging sensation along with some mild soreness, numbness, swelling and bruising. Swelling can last 10-14 days, but it shouldn’t interfere with your usual routine.


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Starting from $1200 per treatment


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Number of treatments

2 to 3 treatment sessions.

Belkyra™ Frequently Asked Questions

Does Belkyra™ hurt?+-

You may choose to have your Belkyra™ procedure performed with a local anesthetic to make it virtually painless, though many patients prefer treatment without. In this case, there is 5-15 minutes of an immediate uncomfortable stinging/pinching sensation that rises then quickly resolves. We apply a cool compress to help with this discomfort. If you’re especially worried about the procedure, you’re welcome to request comfort measures.

Following your treatment, you’ll likely experience some local tenderness and swelling. This sensation will dissipate after a few hours, while the general swelling takes a few weeks to fully resolve.

How soon will I see results?+-

Patients often see results after the first treatment, but each subsequent treatment will improve the ultimate outcome for long lasting fat reduction and contouring. Most patients require at least two treatments to begin to see noticeable results.

What results will I see?+-

Once the recovery period has passed, the contours of your neck and jawline are refined and your skin firms up for a more youthful facial profile.

What’s the recovery time like?+-

The recovery time for this treatment is about 1-2 weeks. A series of 2-4 treatments, 6-8 weeks apart, is recommended to achieve optimal contouring results.

How do I maintain my result?+-

The results of Belkyra™ treatments have been shown to be long lasting; repeat treatments after the initial series are not normally required.


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