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Dr. Mark Lupin

Dr. Mark Lupin


Dr Mark Lupin is a world renowned Dermatologist and sought after lecturer in the field of non-surgical facial rejuvenation.  He is a Clinical Instructor on Faculty with the Department of Dermatology and Skin Science, UBC.  With many publications to his name and often quoted as an expert in the media, he is dedicated to his patients and advancement of best practices.

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Our Anti-Aging Approach

Everyone's skin is different. Depending on your age, degree of sun damage, and health and environmental factors, a combination of treatments may be used to enhance and restore a natural and more youthful appearance. Our approach is to look at the whole picture and recommend the best course of treatment. Below, are the pillars of our anti-aging approach - a concept developed and pioneered by Dr. Lupin.

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  • Animation is a normal part of expression.  It can also lead to an unwanted angry or stern look and not reflect how we feel.  This is the province for muscle relaxers such as Botox.

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  • Genetic factors are commonly involved with increasing skin laxity that shows as the jowls of the neck, down turned corners of the mouth and heavy eyelids. Collagen strengthening and new collagen generation such as with non-invasive Thermage and Ulthera, help in this arena.

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  • A drawn look can relate to loss of the normal fat pad support which gives us those nice youthful apples of the cheeks and healthy appearance. Dermal fillers can immediately restore and rebalance facial proportions by restoring lost volume and providing the much needed support.

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  • Laser resurfacing such as with the Fraxel laser improves skin health while evening out the skin's tone and reversing premature lines. Its patented gliding application means that it remains the only laser of its kind to provide nice, even treatments with high safety. The Excel V laser is commonly used to remove unwanted spider veins. 

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The Cosmedica Experience

Over the years, our commitment to our clients has been to offer quality and innovation in a safe and relaxed, professional environment. As a Dermatologist centre, we are able to provide our clients with advanced skin care and individualized treatment plans, tailored to your specific needs. 

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Cosmedica Blog

  • 20 March 2017

    Top Dermatologist-approved sun protection for your skin.

    It is common knowledge that the daily use of sunscreen is vital to help prevent skin cancer and UV damage that can prematurely age our appearance. That being said, not all sunscreens are created equal. The Canadian Dermatology Association recommends wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen (meaning it protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays) with a minimum sun protection factor of 30. While these important features are widely available over the counter, an obstacle that prevents many Victoria and Vancouver Island residents from wearing and reapplying sunscreen is its wearability: commercial brands often have a heavy and tacky feel—not exactly what one is looking for in their skincare routine. At Cosmedica, we carry a range of highly effective sunscreens that suit a variety of skin types and personal preferences in terms of their look and feel on the skin. Say goodbye to sticky and goopy sunscreen and hello to happy and healthy skin with our favourite sunscreens to help you enjoy the sun wisely.

    SkinCeuticals UV Eye Defense SPF 50

    This is a truly innovative SPF product from SkinCeuticals. The skin around the eyes and the eyelid is quite thin, and therefore more vulnerable to sun damage. Applying a heavy or goopy sunscreen that will migrate into the eyes and cause stinging just doesn’t make sense, and therefore, this delicate skin often goes unprotected, leading to premature lines and aging.

    UV Eye Defense SPF 50 is a non-migrating chemical-free sunscreen that provides much-needed protection for your precious peepers. Apply a small amount over the entire eye area and reapply throughout the day to ensure optimal protection.

    SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50

    This groundbreaking weightless formula has won many awards from beauty editors for its exceptional mineral-based protection. Traditionally, physical sunscreens have felt heavy—this product is anything but! The slight tint blends in with most skin types without leaving a trace of colour or tackiness on the skin’s surface. If you break out or are sensitive to chemical sunscreens, you will love this formula!

    Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 50

    Reapplying is the last frontier in a tip-top sunscreen regimen. With Colorescience’s brush-on mineral sunscreen, you no longer have to worry about staining clothes or applying a creamy sunscreen overtop of makeup. A dusting of Sunforgettable provides safe and effective sun protection on the go. It’s great for often neglected spots that get a lot of sun exposure—brush it over your ears, along your hairline and part, and across your hands.

    These top three sun care products are suitable for all skin types. Add them to your routine to help prevent skin cancer and delay the signs of aging—you won’t be sorry!  Contact us to make your purchase today.


  • 2 March 2017

    Safe and effective laser hair removal for unwanted hair.

    Spring has us thinking of the lazy days of summer when we lighten our layers and hit the beach. While summer is care-free and fun, the tedious task of hair removal that comes along with it is anything but. The good news is there’s a safe and effective solution that frees Victoria and Vancouver Island residents from the burden of waxing, shaving and plucking: laser hair removal.
    How laser hair removal works.  

    At Cosmedica Laser Centre, we are excited to offer our patients the newest and most advanced technology, the Excel HR laser system: a new gold standard in laser hair removal. This device is safe for most skin types and provides quick and relatively painless treatments thanks to a special sapphire cooled treatment tip.  A full back or leg treatment can be completed in as little as 30 minutes and an upper lip takes 5 minutes.

    How many treatments are required?

    Hair has three growth cycles: growth, transition and resting phases. In order to permanently eliminate unwanted hair, it must be treated during the growth phase. There is no way of controlling or predicting when the hair will be in its growth cycle, therefore, multiple treatments spaced 6-12 weeks apart is necessary in order to achieve satisfactory results. The number of treatments and their frequency will vary based on the treatment area and hair type. A private consultation with one of our expert laser technicians will establish a treatment plan suited to your individual needs.
    Is laser hair removal permanent?

    Laser hair removal is permanent. After a series of treatments, you can expect to enjoy many years free of unwanted hair. However, it is possible for hormonal fluctuations to trigger new hair growth that is unrelated to the results of the initial laser hair removal treatments. In this instance, once the hormonal fluctuation has settled, a second series can be performed to remove this new growth.

    Enjoy the freedom of permanent hair removal.

    As the first and most experienced clinic on Vancouver Island to offer laser hair removal, our centre is equipped with nearly two decades of expertise and knowledge of advanced techniques - taking laser hair removal to a whole new level.  We welcome you to begin your laser hair removal journey with us and enjoy a fuzz-free and fun summer ahead!

    For the month of March, we are offering a laser hair removal package to get you ready for summer.



    Contact us to arrange your appointment today.


  • 13 February 2017

    What to know about eyelash enhancement.

    Makeup and beauty trends come and go, but something that never goes out of favour is long, dark and lush lashes. The recent trend in lash extensions shows the lengths–literally and figuratively–that women will go to in order to attain this beauty standard.

    Lash extension side effects to be aware of:

    • In some cases, damage to the hair follicle can lead to damage and the loss of several of the eyelash hairs, leaving the lashes sparser than before.
    • There have also been cases of allergic reactions to the adhesive that is used to bind the extension to the natural lash. This can result in severe swelling and irritation of the eye and around the eye area.

    These associated side effects may have you thinking twice about pursuing a lash extension treatment. You need not resign yourself to sparse and short lashes. There’s a safe and easy at-home solution that allows you to grow your lashes longer and fuller–we’re talking about Latisse®.

    Why choose Latisse?

    Latisse side effects are minimal and infrequent. In very few cases, an itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness may be experienced. Even rarer, Latisse side effects include skin darkening where the treatment is applied, dryness of the eyes and redness of the eyelids.

    The benefits of the treatment are clinically proven – and best of all, it is your own hair that is enhanced. With consistent, nightly use, Latisse users normally realize gradual improvements to the length, volume and pigment depth of their eyelashes. An initial treatment cycle takes 16 to 18 weeks. Maintenance two to three times per week thereafter helps sustain those nice full, long lashes.

    So if you’re ready to grow beautiful lashes that are all your own, Latisse will give them the boost they need. Contact us to make your purchase.


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