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    Sometimes there is no specific concern with a wrinkle here or there, but we can feel that we are looking tired or drawn. Lifting, tightening, relaxing and restoring are the four dimensions that we look at to erase that tired look.
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    Dr Mark Lupin is a world renowned Dermatologist and sought after lecturer in the field of non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

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Dr. Mark Lupin

Dr. Mark Lupin


Dr Mark Lupin is a world renowned Dermatologist and sought after lecturer in the field of non-surgical facial rejuvenation.  He is a Clinical Instructor on Faculty with the Department of Dermatology and Skin Science, UBC.  With many publications to his name and often quoted as an expert in the media, he is dedicated to his patients and advancement of best practices.

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Our Anti-Aging Approach

Everyone's skin is different. Depending on your age, degree of sun damage, and health and environmental factors, a combination of treatments may be used to enhance and restore a natural and more youthful appearance. Our approach is to look at the whole picture and recommend the best course of treatment. Below, are the pillars of our anti-aging approach - a concept developed and pioneered by Dr. Lupin.

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  • Animation is a normal part of expression.  It can also lead to an unwanted angry or stern look and not reflect how we feel.  This is the province for muscle relaxers such as Botox.

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  • Genetic factors are commonly involved with increasing skin laxity that shows as the jowls of the neck, down turned corners of the mouth and heavy eyelids. Collagen strengthening and new collagen generation such as with non-invasive Thermage and Ulthera, help in this arena.

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  • A drawn look can relate to loss of the normal fat pad support which gives us those nice youthful apples of the cheeks and healthy appearance. Dermal fillers can immediately restore and rebalance facial proportions by restoring lost volume and providing the much needed support.

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  • Laser resurfacing such as with the Fraxel laser improves skin health while evening out the skin's tone and reversing premature lines. Its patented gliding application means that it remains the only laser of its kind to provide nice, even treatments with high safety. The Excel V laser is commonly used to remove unwanted spider veins. 

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The Cosmedica Experience

Over the years, our commitment to our clients has been to offer quality and innovation in a safe and relaxed, professional environment. As a Dermatologist centre, we are able to provide our clients with advanced skin care and individualized treatment plans, tailored to your specific needs. 

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Cosmedica Blog

  • 5 February 2015

    We have all tried various lip plumping glosses and goops in an effort to try on larger lips. We idolize - whether we like it or not - the plump pouts of notable celebs as we pucker up in the mirror. You may feel better knowing how often we see and hear this story – and, you may feel even better after learning about the soft lip enhancement solutions at Cosmedica.

    First, what is lip enhancement?

    Today, lip enhancement is a very common procedure. Most people who undergo wrinkle smoothing treatments or facial volume restoration will usually elect for a degree of lip enhancement - lips age too, of course – they tend to deflate leading to lines around the lips, downturned corners of the mouth and loss of the youthful lustre that is innate to our lips.  Lip enhancement involves easing a natural-based dermal filler product into the lip area. The goal is restoration with beautiful proportions.  Look great without looking ‘treated.’  Results are instant with a nice, gentle correction.

    What makes lip enhancement different at Cosmedica?

    Our Victoria patients are seeking subtlety and natural-looking results and to ensure this, we educate them all on the value of the experience and training of the provider. Dr. Mark Lupin, dermatologist, is the sole provider of lip enhancement at Cosmedica. In addition to being a global educator of advanced injection technique to other physicians, Dr. Lupin has an extensive resume of training in anatomy. His understanding of the lip, its structures and the processes that contribute to lip aging are the cornerstones of ensuring a natural, soft outcome.  Balance and harmony of proportions are what help guide best results.

    What can I expect from a lip enhancement treatment?

    A dermal filler product will be selected based on the desired outcome. An integrated anesthetic will make for a truly comfortable treatment. The treatment will consider the shape, structure and volume of your natural lip to avoid over correction and the dreaded “fish lip” look. The area of pink lip volume, the lip borders and the fine lip lines above and/or below the lip may be considered and softened, again, based on your desired outcome.

    The goal of lip enhancement at Cosmedica is to softly restore and plump your unique, natural lips. We pride ourselves on hearing our patients’ reservations and then providing a comfortable, fun degree of enhancement. Results are enjoyed for an average of six to twelve months.

    Where to start.
    The first step in considering lip enhancement in Victoria: contact us for a complimentary consultation. Our experienced medical professionals will guide you through what your lip enhancement experience might look like and provide you with all the information you require to make an informed, comfortable choice. Call or email for further information and enjoy beautiful lips.

  • 28 January 2015

    Take a close look at your skin - what do you notice? This is a great place for Victoria men and women to start when considering skin tightening treatments. If you feel that you are looking drawn or tired, perhaps noticing some heaviness of the eyes or early jowling of the cheeks with loss of that nice defined jawline it may be time to consider non-surgical skin tightening.

    At Cosmedica, we meet many patients interested in tightening and lifting their skin who are averse to the inherent risks of surgery. This is not to say surgical options are without their merits - results can be astounding. We are simply fortunate to live in a day and age where science has evolved to provide facelift and browliftlike outcomes without surgery or downtime.

    Here, we showcase Victoria’s 3 most popular non-surgical skin tightening treatments.

    #1. Thermage®.

    For full face skin tightening, Thermage® has been the global leader for over a decade. The treatment has become the choice treatment of celebrities for incurring no downtime or obvious (telling) signs of intervention. Results are natural, dependable and long lasting; they materialize gradually over three to six months following treatment. Treatments are safe and clinically proven. Thermage® is recommended for full face skin tightening and firming. It can also be applied to most body areas to help resolve both lax skin and cellulite. The treatment utilizes pulsed radio frequency energy to heat the deep layers of the skin. The thermal effect created will contract connective skin fibres and stimulate the skin to produce newer, tighter collagen and elastin for noticeably (and naturally) firmer skin.

    #2. Ultherapy®.

    Zero in on a problem area of lax skin or add a quick lifting boost to any number of other rejuvenation treatments with Ultherapy®. This one-of-a-kind treatment is the only FDA approved non-surgical option for browlift- imagine a non-surgical facelift, brow lift or chin lift. Treatments are performed in little time and, like Thermage®, incur no downtime, making it a great option for busy men and women who desire discreet and effective skin tightening. Ultherapy® harnesses acoustic (ultrasound) energy to generate heat at key depths in the skin. Results are noticeable around three months following treatment and like Thermage, last one to two years.

    #3. Fractora FIRM™.

    When time is of the essence and a more pampering experience is the goal, FIRM™ treatments can deliver comparable results to the above over a recommended course or series of ultra-comfortable treatments. Likened to the relaxing sensation of a warm-stone massage, FIRM™ treatments apply radio frequency energy in a continuous fashion. A warming handpiece glides over the skin until an ideal temperature is reached. The treatment is suitable for both facial and body skin tightening. Repeating the treatment at the recommended frequency (or indefinitely, if the experience is really valued and enjoyed) compounds the benefits of the thermal effect created and noticeable skin tightening is observed.

    Today, so much can be achieved in the safety of a non-surgical environment. The best and most effective skin tightening treatments are those well-researched, clinically proven and indicated for your concern and lifestyle. A professional consultation is a great place to start. To learn more about the treatments mentioned here or any services provided by Cosmedica, contact us today!

  • 24 November 2014

    Laser tattoo removal in Victoria, BC is recognized as significantly advanced compared to most other Canadian cities. It may surprise you that our sweet little town harbours such an industry, but then, we are known for a certain artistic flair, be it with flowerbeds or body ink.

    The popularity of laser tattoo removal increases with advances in technology. In Victoria, tattoo parlours, tattoo artists and individuals alike seek out laser tattoo removal at Cosmedica for both complete and partial removals. Partial removals are considered when only a portion of a tattoo is unwanted or should a planned cover-up require some fading. Best of all, laser tattoo removal is now possible with greater speed, accuracy and significantly higher safety than ever before.

    Here we answer some commonly asked questions, collected from a majority of our laser tattoo removal consultations. You may have more. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

    What can you expect from laser tattoo removal?

    As mentioned above, laser tattoo removal can partially or completely remove unwanted tattoos. The age of the tattoo, its type and ink colours can all contribute to the number of treatments required for the desired outcome. Almost all tattoos will eventually clear. It is advisable to follow the safety and frequency recommendations made by your laser tattoo removal provider.



    How does laser tattoo removal work?

    Have you ever noticed old tattoos will appear faded or out-of-focus? You body is, in fact, working to clear the foreign pigment imbedded in the skin. Laser tattoo removal speeds up this process exponentially. It harnesses a unique wavelength of pure laser energy - specific to the targeted colour of ink - aims and fires…ink particles are broken up and the body jumps to work clearing the debris. Treatment by treatment, your tattoo fades away.

    What are the risks of laser tattoo removal?

    Like with any laser treatment, laser tattoo removal carries a moderate degree of risk of scarring and pigmentation irregularities. These risks are made all the more likely by an inexperienced treatment provider. To mitigate these risks, every laser tattoo removal treatment at Cosmedica is directed by a board-certified dermatologist - Dr. Mark Lupin.

    Cosmedica offers the most advanced, state-of-the-art laser tattoo technologies. Most notable is the PicoSure™ laser system. It touts the fastest, most powerful picosecond technology to remove tattoo inks with greater speed, comfort and safety than ever before.

    Further, Dr. Lupin ensures treatment providers are trained in advanced laser tattoo removal applications. Each provider is regularly evaluated and further educated as updates are made available to technologies and protocols. Our treatment providers will recommend an ideal course of treatments and provide aftercare instructions to minimize risks and optimize outcomes.

    To learn more about laser tattoo removal in Victoria or about any of our services, contact us today or request a complimentary consult online.

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