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    Dr Mark Lupin is a world renowned Dermatologist and sought after lecturer in the field of non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

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Dr. Mark Lupin

Dr. Mark Lupin


Dr Mark Lupin is a world renowned Dermatologist and sought after lecturer in the field of non-surgical facial rejuvenation.  He is a Clinical Instructor on Faculty with the Department of Dermatology and Skin Science, UBC.  With many publications to his name and often quoted as an expert in the media, he is dedicated to his patients and advancement of best practices.

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Our Anti-Aging Approach

Everyone's skin is different. Depending on your age, degree of sun damage, and health and environmental factors, a combination of treatments may be used to enhance and restore a natural and more youthful appearance. Our approach is to look at the whole picture and recommend the best course of treatment. Below, are the pillars of our anti-aging approach - a concept developed and pioneered by Dr. Lupin.

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  • Animation is a normal part of expression.  It can also lead to an unwanted angry or stern look and not reflect how we feel.  This is the province for muscle relaxers such as Botox.

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  • Genetic factors are commonly involved with increasing skin laxity that shows as the jowls of the neck, down turned corners of the mouth and heavy eyelids. Collagen strengthening and new collagen generation such as with non-invasive Thermage and Ulthera, help in this arena.

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  • A drawn look can relate to loss of the normal fat pad support which gives us those nice youthful apples of the cheeks and healthy appearance. Dermal fillers can immediately restore and rebalance facial proportions by restoring lost volume and providing the much needed support.

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  • Laser resurfacing such as with the Fraxel laser improves skin health while evening out the skin's tone and reversing premature lines. Its patented gliding application means that it remains the only laser of its kind to provide nice, even treatments with high safety. The Excel V laser is commonly used to remove unwanted spider veins. 

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The Cosmedica Experience

Over the years, our commitment to our clients has been to offer quality and innovation in a safe and relaxed, professional environment. As a Dermatologist centre, we are able to provide our clients with advanced skin care and individualized treatment plans, tailored to your specific needs. 

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Cosmedica Blog

  • 27 July 2016

    Introducing CoolSculpting®: Safety and innovation in permanent fat reduction.

    The summer months are a prime time for body awareness. Victorians are hitting the gym hard and watching what they eat more carefully in an effort to look and feel their best as the mercury rises and summer clothes make their debut. Unfortunately, if you have specific body goals in mind, there are areas of stubborn excess fat that will not budge in spite of these amped up healthy habits.

    Rather than seeing our efforts as wasted, it’s important to acknowledge that we have very little control over the placement and amount of our fat loss. Genetics and hormonal factors have a strong influence on where fat is stored on the body, which poses a challenge to weight loss efforts. For those who have tried and been denied the satisfaction of realizing their body contour goals, there is a proven, non-invasive and permanent solution that can bring those dreams to fruition.

    Introducing CoolSculpting®

    This innovative technology has taken the beauty world by storm in recent years. At Cosmedica, we’ve seen our patients’ desires for improved body silhouettes steadily increase, and we’ve responded with a platform of gold standard devices like LipoSonix™ and CoolSculpting® to respond to this need safely and effectively.  We now proudly offer the new COOL ADVANTAGE™”—a larger and faster treatment applicator—to provide Victoria patients with an exceptional CoolSculpting® experience.  At Cosmedica, we also have DualSculpting® – which allows treatment of multiple areas in a more efficient and timely manner.

    How does CoolSculpting® work?

    The Cryolipolysis process, which is the foundation of the CoolSculpting® treatment, was discovered by two Harvard research physicians who uncovered a connection between fat loss and cold temperatures in children. In applying this principle to the CoolSculpting® technology, the researchers were able to precisely target and freeze fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. The best part is that the superior fat reduction results achieved with this treatment method are permanent.

    What to expect during a CoolSculpting® procedure.

    The CoolSculpting® treatment is a simple and no-downtime procedure. The treatment applicator is placed on the target area such as the tummy, hips or thighs. Once in place, a vacuum draws the skin up and the fat-freezing session begins. Treatments are usually pain-free while the Cryolipolysis process takes place. When the session is complete, some mild redness, swelling and bruising may be present. This should subside in the days following the treatment. Patients can expect to return to their normal routine immediately post-procedure.

    CoolSculpting® results. 

    Once the fat cells are frozen, they are effectively destroyed, and the body begins the process of eliminating this waste product. The results of the treatment are revealed over a period of 8 to 12 weeks as the body metabolizes the treated fat cells. In other words, you will steadily see the unwanted inches begin to melt away.

    Bidding farewell to saddlebags, hi helens, bra-line fat and muffin tops has never been safer, easier or more effective. To learn more about the fat reduction benefits of CoolSculpting®, we invite you to book a personal, professional consultation. Contact us to arrange your appointment today.

  • 6 July 2016

    The pros at Cosmedica share their secret weapons for sun defence. 

    With summer in full swing, it’s likely that your calendar is filling up with plans for barbecues, pool parties and days spent oceanside. We’re all rushing to take full advantage of the warm Victoria weather, and all the benefits that come along with the beautiful sunshine. However, it’s important to remember that sun protection is critical throughout these long summer days. Overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays can not only result in a painful sunburn, it can lead to premature aging of the skin, cause wrinkles and other skin damage, and increase your risk of skin cancer.

    Not to worry; there’s no need to retreat indoors for the summer. The best way to enjoy the scorching temps is with one (or all) or these Cosmedica-approved products in your beauty bag. You can count on these for effective sun protection on the trails, at the beach and beyond. 

    1. SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50.

    This sheer, weightless, tinted sunscreen provides broad spectrum UVA//UVB protection while also enhancing natural skin tone and boosting radiance. Even better: it is water resistant for up to 40 minutes, so be sure to pack it in your beach bag! 

    2. Skinceuticals Physical Eye UV Defense SPF 50.

    You apply sunscreen to your face and eyes, only to have it sting and irritate them moments later; we’ve all been there. Eliminate this common problem with Skinceuticals’ ophthalmologist-tested sunscreen, specifically formulated for the thinner, more sensitive skin that surrounds the eye. It provides broad spectrum SPF 50 protection while also creating a prime canvas for makeup application and eliminating the risk of irritation.

    3. Celazome Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30 Active Sport.

    Nothing provides all-day-long defence against the sun quite like this broad-spectrum sunscreen. It delivers 8 hours of waterproof, sweat-proof defence; that’s 30 times your skin’s natural protection from the sun! Hydrating and non-irritating, this is the perfect sunscreen to slather on before a race or a day-long hike.

    4. Colorescience Sunforgettable® Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 50.

    With this easy-to-apply, portable brush in your bag, there’s no excuse for not protecting your skin. Delivering broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection while providing light, natural looking coverage and smoothing imperfections, this will be your new beauty secret. You can even re-apply over makeup, making touch-ups a breeze.

    5. glō•minerals Tinted Primer SPF 30.

    We all know that for smooth, even coverage, it’s best to apply a primer before using your favourite foundation; why not add a little sun protection to the mix? This oil-free, pure mineral formula does just that! Available in four shades, and for all skin types, this tinted primer masks imperfections while protecting your skin from sun damage. Wear it alone for a fresh-faced, no-makeup look, or under your make-up; either way, this primer will have you looking radiant all summer long.

    With these products in your arsenal, your skin will stay healthy and beautiful this summer and always. To learn more about sun protection, or about these products specifically, come by for a visit or contact us today to arrange a consultation.

  • 6 June 2016

    Make room ladies, these cosmetic procedures are gaining popularity with men everywhere.

    There’s a common misconception that undergoing cosmetic or aesthetic procedures to improve one’s appearance is a woman’s domain, but this simply isn’t true. These treatments can be beneficial for men and women alike, and in fact, more men than ever before are opting for a wide variety of aesthetic treatments to freshen their appearance and regain a youthful glow. With Father’s Day just around the corner, what better time to highlight some of the many treatments that are perfect for the men in our lives!


    BOTOX—or perhaps more accurately in this case, Brotox—treatments are a rapidly growing trend among men, who now make up a significant percentage of BOTOX COSMETIC patients. This treatment helps relax dynamic wrinkles caused by frowning and squinting, working by relaxing the muscles that cause them. The treatment is perfect for busy men who can’t afford any downtime, but want to look as young and fresh as possible.

    BOTOX THERAPEUTIC® for hyperhidrosis

    Your face isn’t the only area that can benefit from BOTOX treatments. For the many men affected by hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by a tendency to underarm sweating to the point that it interferes with daily activities, BOTOX THERAPEUTIC can be life changing. Hyperhidrosis can be distressing and socially embarrassing, and when antiperspirants just aren’t enough, many men turn to BOTOX THERAPEUTIC.

    Laser hair removal

    While beards and man buns are in, that doesn’t mean that men are comfortable with all of their body hair. Exhausted by waxing and other hair removal methods, many are turning to a more permanent solution for their back, chest, neck hair and more with laser hair removal. Treatments with the LightSheer DUET laser and Nd:YAG lasers take seconds to minutes, and can be performed in the span of a one-hour lunch break if need be!


    Chin fat, double chin, turkey neck—no matter what you call it, submental fullness affects men and women alike. Composed of deoxycolic acid, a natural fat-metabolizing molecule found in the body, BELKYRA is a safe and effective injectable treatment that helps to permanently reduce the fat layer on the chin, for a refined and strengthened jawline. Many men are turning to BELKYRA to help them re-discover the strong-jawed young men they once were.


    At Cosmedica, we also offer non-invasive, permanent fat removal that goes beyond the chin.  With this well-recognized and clinically proven technology, it is possible to truly transform body shapes such as reducing a persistent belly or shrinking the love handles.  And we can treat twice as fast for body treatments as we offer the advanced DualSculpt system – cutting treatment times in half.


    Over time, many of us experience skin sagging, leading to jowls, heavy brows, and neck lines. These issues affect men as commonly as they do women, and when they do, we recommend Ultherapy. This treatment uses focused ultrasound energy to target the deep layers of the skin and boost collagen production, naturally lifting and tightening these specific problem areas. The result is a fresher, more youthful definition, and improved skin tone.

    Clear + Brilliant®

    Developed by the makers of Fraxel®, Clear + Brilliant uses fractionated laser technology to fight the first signs of aging and sun damage. And ideally, there is no downtime. For young men with early wrinkling, or those who are looking for wrinkle prevention, this treatment helps stimulate new collagen to soften theses fine lines, reduce pore size, smooth skin texture and complexion, and improve the health of skin.

    The bottom line? Men value their appearance in the same ways women do, and employing the services of a skilled dermatologist or licensed aesthetician to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance is not just for the females among us.

    To learn more about these treatments, contact our qualified skin care experts today for a complimentary consultation. 

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