A non-invasive solution for excessive underarm sweating.

About miraDry® in Victoria.

Those who suffer from chronic, excessive underarm sweat are all too familiar with the feelings of embarrassment and distress when faced with lifting up their arms. Whether triggered by a hot environment or moments of nervousness and anxiety, this condition can leave Victoria and Vancouver Island residents feeling frustrated and helpless if left untreated. When prescription antiperspirants have proven to be ineffective, miraDry® provides welcome relief in just 1-2 one hour treatments. This non-invasive solution for excessive underarm sweating provides an average of over 80 percent improvement, leaving your underarms dry and comfortable. As a bonus side effect, many patients also see a reduction in odour and hair.

miraDry® helps with:

How it works:

In preparation for your treatment, a local anaesthetic is applied to the underarm. The miraDry® device handpiece applies a suction action that draws the sweat glands closer to the source of heat energy. This energy destroys the sweat and odour glands while the surface skin and tissues are kept cool for a safe and comfortable treatment.


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Starting from $1995 per treatment


1 Day15 Days

Number of treatments

1 to 3 treatment sessions.

miraDry® Frequently Asked Questions

Does miraDry® hurt?+-

Each miraDry® session takes about 1 hour. Since an anaesthetic is applied prior to treatment, patients can anticipate a comfortable experience.

How soon will I see results?+-

Initial results are immediate, and many patients are satisfied with the amount of sweat reduction achieved with just one treatment. A follow-up treatment may be required depending on how your body responds, and your sweat reduction goals.

What results will I see?+-

miraDry® provides an average of over 80 per cent improvement to excessive underarm sweat. The results of a MiraDry® treatment are long-lasting as the treated sweat glands are eliminated.

What’s the recovery time like?+-

There will be some mild redness, swelling and tenderness for several days post-treatment. Vigorous exercise should be avoided for the first week after the treatment, however most other regular activities can be resumed immediately.


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