Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal makes it possible to safely remove amateur, professional, medical, and cosmetic tattoos.

About laser tattoo removal in Victoria.

Victoria and Vancouver Island residents are known to like their ink, and along with this love of tattoos comes the need to remove the occasional forever symbol gone awry. Laser tattoo removal and tattoo fading happen to be one of our clinic specialties. In addition to removing amateur and professional tattoos, we can treat medical tattoos, cosmetic tattoos and permanent marks from accidents such as road rash and pencil tattoos. We offer tattoo removal using the Enlighten™ laser system. a picosecond technology that represents the best that there is to offer for more complete tattoo removal and with fewer treatments than the older nanosecond technologies.

Laser tattoo removal helps with:

How it works:

Rather than working in nanoseconds (as traditional tattoo removal Q-switch lasers do), the Enlighten™ laser system delivers pulses of laser light in picoseconds (a thousand times shorter than nanoseconds). This ensures that laser tattoo removal treatments are quicker, safer, more comfortable, and more effective to help optimize results. The tattoo pigment absorbs the laser energy and is broken up into smaller and smaller particles which the body then gradually eliminates. Over a series of treatments, the tattoo is faded or cleared away depending on your treatment goals.


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Starting from $79 per treatment


1 Day15 Days

Number of treatments

1 to 8 treatment sessions.

Laser Tattoo Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?+-

Treatments are easily managed through topical anaesthetic creams or use of our Zimmer air cooler. Treatment sensation has been compared to a snappy or prickly feeling.

How soon will I see results?+-

You should see noticeable results after 1 treatment, however, additional treatments will help achieve an optimal outcome. Depending on your ultimate goal, a treatment course will be tailored for you.

What’s the recovery time like?+-

The expected recovery time from laser tattoo removal treatment is about 7-14 days. You may feel a tingling or stinging sensation akin to a sunburn over the treatment area, which may accompanied by mild bruising and swelling. Sometimes, a blister may appear in the treated area which then heals with a scab, not unlike the process of a healing tattoo.

What results will I see?+-

In many cases it is possible to achieve complete clearing of the tattoo, though treatment results will vary based on the type of tattoo and your body’s unique response to the treatment.


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