Clinical Peels

A clinical peel is a quick, safe, and non-invasive way to maintain smooth, even skin with refined pores.

About clinical peels in Victoria.

Maintaining smooth, even skin with refined pores is possible for Victoria and Vancouver Island residents thanks to clinical peels at Cosmedica. These quick and non-invasive treatments are a proven and safe way to activate cell renewal and revive a tired or dull complexion. Also known as a chemical peel, a clinical peel is composed primarily of alpha and beta hydroxy acids known for their skin health benefits, which include smoothing fine lines, improving hydration, activating cell renewal, refining pores, minimizing and controlling acne blemishes, and improving skin texture.

Clinical peels help with:

How it works:

A thin layer of a carefully chosen, custom clinical peel solution is applied to the skin over a period of seconds to minutes, depending on your skin’s needs and the desired outcome. A tingling or stinging sensation may be experienced as the peel releases dull, damaged skin cells. Once the peel has been neutralized and removed, fresh, new and rehydrated skin is revealed. When scheduled consistently, chemical peels for acne are highly effective at managing chronic symptoms, breakouts and minimizing subsequent scarring. Most clinical peels are mild and incur no downtime and no significant peeling; at most, some mild flushing and dryness may occur for a few days following a treatment.


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Clinical Peels Frequently Asked Questions

Do clinical peels hurt?+-

The sensation of a clinical peel will vary for every individual. Common sensations include mild itching to stinging, and most sensations subside as the clinical peel treatment is neutralized.

How soon will I see results?+-

The results of a clinical peel are immediate. The benefits of ongoing treatments–improvements to fine lines, skin tone, pigmentation, and a reduction of blemishes–will realize gradually over weeks. A series of six, biweekly sessions with monthly maintenance treatments is recommended to reveal your most vibrant and dewy complexion.

What results will I see?+-

Your skin will look and feel noticeably smoother and radiant, your pores will be refined, active blemishes will be reduced and your skin tone will appear more even.

What’s the recovery time like?+-

Your skin will instantly look dewy and radiant, although mild flushing is common immediately after treatment. Some minor flaking–akin to facial dandruff–may also occur in the week after the clinical peel.

How do I maintain my result?+-

Clinical peels are a key solution to maintaining healthy skin, and regular treatments will help to prevent further damage. We would be happy to recommend customized at home skincare solutions, including an antioxidant serum and broad-spectrum sunscreen, to prolong and enhance your outcomes.


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