At Cosmedica, we offer the SkinCeuticals LED Skinscope complexion analysis system to help inform and guide best skin treatments and skin care.

Recognizing that we are all different and that each of us may have different skin challenges, we provide customized suggestions for all of our clients to help achieve and maintain great results.

Dr. Lupin’s core 4 recommendations for sun protection (beyond a hat, shade, clothing and sunglasses):
  1. Medical grade topical vitamin C – to provide up to 4 days continuous sun protection while also reversing sun damage
  2. Broad Spectrum sunscreen – minimum SPF 30 – there are chemical-free options
  3. Light brush mineral based sunscreen to reapply over make-up in the day
  4. Clarisonic® SMART gentle ultrasound cleanser – for optimal effect of sunscreens
Dr. Lupin’s 3 cornerstones for anti-aging skincare:
  1. vitamin A (e.g. Retinol)
  2. sun”B”lock
  3. vitamin C

It is imperative to have one of our skincare consultants first analyze your skin and then help advise on which products are best for you.

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