Address your body contouring needs with the next generation in non-invasive fat reduction and skin tightening.

About TiteFX™ in Victoria.

Contrary to our wildest wishes, dedication to a healthy and balanced lifestyle cannot specifically target areas of unwanted fat, skin laxity, or cellulite. Luckily, today’s sophisticated cosmetic treatments offer Victoria and Vancouver Island residents the opportunity to address their body contouring needs in a simple, non-surgical procedure. TiteFX™ is a solution for precision body contouring and body sculpting–the next generation of non-invasive, fat reduction and skin tightening. TiteFX™ provides effective, long lasting results for improved body contours.

TiteFX™ helps with:

How it works:

TiteFX™ applies radio frequency energy coupled with a gentle vacuum applicator to help tighten and shape the body. This gold standard technology is fitted with skin temperature feedback and cut-off measures to ensure a safe, comfortable and uniform treatment of the focus area. The radio frequency energy delivers heat precisely at therapeutic temperatures to target and reduce unwanted fat. This heat energy also remodels and regenerates the surrounding collagen fibers, improving the firmness and volume of the dermis; the appearance of cellulite dimples is smoothed, unwanted inches are lost, and loose skin is tightened with no downtime.


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Starting from $400 per treatment


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Number of treatments

Patients will normally begin with 6 treatments

TiteFX™ Frequently Asked Questions

Does TiteFX™ hurt?+-

TiteFX™ is considered a fairly comfortable treatment, depending on individual tolerance, and is intended as a walk-in-and-walk-out treatment.

How soon will I see results?+-

While you may notice some improvement immediately, collagen remodelling and synthesis peaks at 3 months and continues for up to 1 year.

What results will I see?+-

Gentle skin tightening with a series of treatments is the goal. It can be a nice complement to maintain and improve results from other body treatments such as CoolSculpting® and Thermage®.

What’s the recovery time like?+-

TiteFX™ treatments will not incur any traditional downtime. You may experience mild redness and swelling over the treated areas, but this should subside within a week of your treatment.

How do I maintain my result?+-

Following a healthy diet and exercising regularly are good general principles to maintain your results.


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