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Are you bothered by excess hair?

We all spend too much time waxing, shaving, plucking and worrying about excess hair. Not only are we wasting our precious time, these methods often lead to ingrown hairs, redness and rash-like irritation that make it impossible to enjoy the silky smooth skin we long for. Luckily, there is an effective way for men and women of all ages to say goodbye to the burden of unwanted hair. That’s right, cancel your waxing appointment and throw away those razors.

What causes excess hair?

The amount of hair we have, as well as the colour and thickness of the hair found on various areas of our body is usually genetically determined. However, there are some other factors that affect the amount of hair we have, and where it grows. These factors include age, ethnicity and hormones. In some cases, hormonal imbalances or medical conditions such as hirsutism or polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause abnormal hair growth.

Remove unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal has been one of the world’s most popular cosmetic treatments for more than two decades, and Cosmedica was the first Dermatologist centre in Victoria and on Vancouver Island to offer this treatment some 20 years ago. With extensive experience and an expert understanding and appreciation for the treatment, we are dedicated to providing a safe and effective solution to remove hair from the face and body. Most skin types can be treated, although ideal candidates for laser hair removal are those with dark, coarse hair and light coloured skin. A thorough consultation will determine treatment frequency, and assess the best treatment options to achieve long lasting hair reduction.

Symptoms Include:

excess hair irritation after shaving or waxing ingrown hairs



Toss your razors and say goodbye to the burden of unwanted hair with laser hair removal.

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