Intra-oral Tightening in Victoria, B.C.

The benefits of intra-oral cheek tightening.

As a leader in the field of cosmetic dermatology and a preeminent laser specialist, Dr. Lupin carefully vets and works with devices that are documented to safely achieve improvements to the skin. We recently launched a new laser system that meets these high safety standards and provides an exciting new treatment in the realm of skin tightening.

Introducing intra-oral tightening with the Fotona laser device.

This specialized treatment addresses the loss of collagen that contributes to the formation of folds on the cheeks and around the mouth. While we love the laughter and happy times that contributed to the formation of our laugh lines, when these lines stick around permanently, it’s not so funny. Intra-oral tightening is the perfect non-invasive way to maintain the integrity and strength of the skin and keep us looking rejuvenated and refreshed.

What is intra-oral tightening?

For Victoria and Vancouver Island patients who have started to notice their laugh lines deepening and wrinkles appearing around their mouth, intra-oral cheek tightening is an innovative way to non-invasively rebuild the skin’s collagen network to smooth and soften the nasolabial folds and perioral lines and wrinkles without injections or surgery.

How does intra-oral tightening work?

This device delivers pulses of laser energy to the deepest layers of connective tissue through the mouth. This skin responds to this thermal energy by initiating the production of new collagen and by renewing the existing collagen fibers. Over a period of weeks and months as the treated skin’s collagen is remodelled and built, a tightening effect ensues, rejuvenating the tone and texture of the skin.

What is the recovery time like?

This gentle laser treatment is non-ablative, making for a comfortable treatment and no recovery time.

What to expect.

Satisfying results can be achieved with as little as one treatment. However, deeper perioral wrinkles and nasolabial folds will require repeat sessions to realize an ideal outcome.

Keep on smiling.

Intra-oral cheek tightening is a breakthrough way we can address these often difficult to treat aging changes with outcomes that look beautifully natural–after all, it’s still your skin, but newly regenerated. If lines and wrinkles around the mouth are a concern for you, we welcome you to contact us to arrange a consultation and discover if intra-oral tightening is right for you!

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