All about hyperhidrosis treatment with MiraDry®.

We all sweat. After all, sweating is an important natural process that helps our body regulate temperature. However, if you suffer from chronic, excessive underarm sweat—also known as hyperhidrosis—you know there’s nothing normal about feeling embarrassed and distressed at the simple thought of lifting your arms. Or, maybe you don’t sweat excessively, but you do want to liberate yourself from the daily need for chemical antiperspirants and go chemical-free (or at least reduce the degree of sweating) permanently.

Luckily, there’s miraDry®, a non-invasive, Health Canada and FDA authorized hyperhidrosis treatment that provides an average of over 80 percent improvement in excessive sweating, leaving your underarms dry and comfortable. Think it sounds too good to be true? Think again.

What is miraDry®?

miraDry is a non-invasive excessive sweating treatment, directed to reduce underarm sweating.

How does miraDry® work to treat excessive sweating?

miraDry uses microwave energy to target and destroy the sweat and odour glands located in your underarms. Once destroyed, these glands don’t grow back, so they’re gone for good!

What can I expect from a treatment?

A miraDry excessive sweating treatment takes about 1 hour. To begin, a local anaesthetic is applied to the underarms after which the actual treatment is primarily pain-free. The miraDry device is then applied directly to your skin. Once activated, you will feel a slight suction, as the handpiece draws the sweat glands closer to the source of the heat energy. This energy destroys the sweat and odour glands while the surface skin and tissues are kept cool for a safe and comfortable treatment experience.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients are satisfied with the amount of sweat reduction achieved with just one treatment, but depending on the amount of sweat reduction desired, anywhere from 1-3 treatments may be recommended for optimal results.

What’s the recovery like?

There is minimal downtime associated with miraDry hyperhidrosis treatments, and most patients can return to their regular activities immediately. You can expect some mild redness, swelling and tenderness for several days post-treatment, and vigorous exercise should be avoided for about a week.

How soon will I see results and how long do they last?

You can expect an immediate reduction in sweating following your first miraDry treatment. Since the destroyed sweat glands don’t grow back once treated, results are long-lasting.

How much does miraDry® cost?

At Cosmedica, miraDry hyperhidrosis treatments are $1995 per treatment (plus any applicable tax).

What is unique about miraDry® treatments at Cosmedica?

Cosmedica is uniquely qualified in miraDry treatments having been involved in an early key clinical study published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. We are the most experienced centre in Canada, having performed miraDry treatments since 2010.

A thorough consultation will allow us to assess your unique condition, and determine if miraDry excessive sweating treatment is right for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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