Introcuding Cellfina® cellulite treatment.

Cellfina: a proven cellulite treatment in Victoria B.C.

There is no shortage of cellulite cures on the market, but generally, they provide little to no positive effect for a concern that affects up to 90 percent of women. That is…until Cellfina!

Introducing Cellfina.

The false promises of beautifully smooth contours are over with this revolutionary cellulite treatment. Cellfina is an FDA and Health Canada approved procedure that is clinically proven to improve the characteristic dimples and bulges that appear on the buttock, thigh areas, and more.

The cellulite solution women have been waiting for.

This quick and minimally invasive treatment delivers results that last at least three years!

How Cellfina works.

Cellfina addresses the underlying, structural cause of cellulite. The dimpling you typically see on the thighs and buttocks is caused by tight connective bands woven throughout fat. This tension pulls the skin down, creating the uneven orange peel-like appearance. During the treatment, each cellulite dimple is marked, a local numbing agent is applied, and the treatment is applied. The proprietary technology instantly releases the connective band tension providing immediate results that improve further over time.

Celfina recovery.

This non-invasive treatment doesn’t pose any serious adverse effects. Patients can go about their usual routines, but may want to minimize their activities for the first 24 hours after treatment. Common side effects include some soreness and bruising which subsides over a period of 3-4 weeks following the treatment.

We are very excited and honored to be chosen as one of the first clinics in Canada to provide Cellfina treatments. Women in Victoria, B.C. and throughout British Columbia can finally access a proven and safe solution to correct cellulite. Imagine slipping on your shorts or bathing suit and not feeling self-conscious about your cellulite! It’s finally a possibility. Contact us today to book your consultation today.

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