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Our team of registered and licensed practical nurses, laser technicians, medical aestheticism, and skin care consultants are committed to working together and helping you with your skin care needs. We are also pleased to have two on-staff anesthesiologists (Dr. Alison Brennen and Dr. Eimear Keane) to provide intravenous sedation, if you wish a completely pain-free treatment Each member of our team has received training in CPR and laser safety and brings a warm, caring smile to lighten your day.


Karen has been with Cosmedica since 2002 as Director of Patient Services - a face and voice known and loved by many. 

Outside of the office, she enjoys cooking, long, contemplative walks and reading. Above all, Karen treasures time with her family and pets.

Each year, Karen receives ThermaFrax and regular Soft Lift™ treatments for skin tightening, to maintain natural volume and to keep skin healthy. She greatly enjoys Latisse® as a fun, easy product for long, voluminous natural lashes.


Over 10 years, Maureen has become synonymous with warm, uncompromising care as Director of Nursing Services.

Her favourite skincare products are our under eye creams which have noticeably reduced puffiness and dark circles. Maureen ensures regular Botox® Cosmetic appointments and Fraxel® Lite laser skin treatments to keep her complexion healthy and looking youthful.

Outside of Cosmedica, Maureen cherishes time with her family and finds peaceful escape in the big, beautiful outdoors of Victoria, BC.


Lindsay has quickly proven to be eager and a natural caretaker.

Outside of the office, Lindsay is most often found sailing or hiking. At each opportunity, she makes time for travel and holidays.

In just a couple of short months, Lindsay has noticed a transformation in her skin health and complexion. She adores the Clarisonic® SMART for its ability to soften and clear the skin and has found soft, natural rejuvenation from her first Botox® and dermal filler treatment. She notices softened lines and naturally youthful features.


The first bright, smiling face you are likely to meet at Cosmedica is Receptionist and Patient Coordinator, Sarah. 

Sarah devotes her personal time to family and friends and makes a point to travel several times each year to her favourite destinations like her family’s holiday home in Mexico!

Sarah is never found without Phloretin CF, a potent vitamin C serum – her most loved skincare product and a pillar of her maintenance strategy for face and hands. For sun damage repair and prevention of the signs of aging, Sarah prefers Fraxel® re:store laser treatments.


As a certified laser technician and medical esthetician, Shayni brings more than 18 years of skill and practice to her role at Cosmedica. She attended advanced post-esthetic graduate training at the Ottawa Laser Academy and Dermal Institute of Advanced Skin Care. Shayni is an advanced laser provider with specialized experience in laser treatments for anti-aging, rosacea and hair removal.

Shayni lives a full life outside of the clinic. In her private time, she’s likely to be outdoors with her family, little girl and dog! Shayni’s an avid hiker (and sunscreen enthusiast).

To keep herself looking and feeling refreshed, Shayni loves neuromodulator treatments for wrinkles, IPL Photorejuvenation for controlling reds and browns and SkinCeuticals skincare.


Every skin enthusiast needs a trustworthy, knowledgeable consultant to guide them through the complex world  of skin care and skin artistry - meet Jenny our resident Skincare Specialist.

Creative at her very core, Jenny lives to dream, design, sing and dance with her kids. Around Victoria, she loves collaborating with other artists and spending quality time with her friends and family. She is passionate and knowledgeable about makeup artistry.  

She maintains her complexion with SkinCeuticals’ Phloretin CF by day and Resveratrol B E by night. She is also an advocate for daily sunscreen and loves SkinCeuticals’ new Physical Eye UV Defense SPF 50. To maximize her daily protection and for light, natural coverage, Jenny is also a huge proponent for glō·minerals Pressed Base foundation.


Like your best girlfriend, Claire keeps the Cosmedica team strong behind the scenes and has inadvertently become our resident tech expert and photographer.

Claire is back working at Cosmedica after years of worldly travels and studies. When she’s not globetrotting with her husband, she’s relishing the Island’s great outdoors. Claire is an avid cyclist, runner, hiker and kayaker and always finds time for her loyal old dog, Boomer, a little reading, drawing…and some NFL football!

Fond of her freckles, Claire ensures her sun exposed skin is treated to regular Clear + Brilliant® sessions to keep damage at bay. On a daily basis, Claire loves her Clarisonic to keep her skin feeling soft and smooth.

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