Conditions we treat

Jowls and Neck Lines

With time, skin can sag leading to jowls, heavy brows and neck lines. A genetic tendency is common but the laxity of the skin is accelerated by environmental factors such as excessive sun exposure and smoking. 

Non-surgical skin tightening is possible. Two of our most popular treatments are Thermage and Ultherapy. Thermage has been around for over a decade and stood the test of time. It involves a single treatment with no downtime and works by careful application of radiofrequency pulses that generate a deep heating that stimulates new collagen over a few month period. Results last 1-2 years and many of our patients love the natural results and maintain annually. The face, neck, arms, legs and tummies can be treated.

Ultherapy is a focused ultrasound treatment and the first and only treatment approved for non-surgical browlift. It can be used in similar areas as Thermage or in combination with Thermage for optimal tightening effects. For persistent neck lines, Fraxel laser resurfacing and dermal fillers are a nice complement.

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