The Non-Surgical Facelift.

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14 September 2014

More and more, our patients are inquiring about skin tightening. When we first realize our facial contours are changing or catch a glimpse of our aging profile in a reflective window, we want to firm and lift it all back into place. Non-surgical skin tightening treatments have become some of the world’s most popular cosmetic treatments. Here we review the top 3 and highlight how patients are choosing to mix and mingle with them at various stages.


The world over, Thermage® has become the most popular non-surgical skin tightening treatment. Today, it provides noticeable and more predictable results than ever before. In just a single treatment, Thermage® firms and tightens skin. Like a non-surgical facelift, we can apply Thermage® to the full face, lower or upper face or to eyes. It is a recommended treatment for tightening lax or loosening body skin as well as cellulite. Specialized tips allow us to target aging skin on the arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs with ease.

Patients appreciate the comfort and speed of a Thermage® treatment. The procedure requires no downtime and no obvious signs of treatment are immediately noticeable…aside from a desirable initial (although subtle) lift. Over three to six months following treatment, Thermage® results gradually materialize. Your friends may notice the great shape your skin is in…but no one will have you pegged; Thermage® is our little secret!  More than one million Thermage® treatments have been provided here on Earth and it is the choice treatment of both local Victorians and Hollywood celebrities.

Its power comes from specialized radio frequency energy, focused to the specific depth of collagen and elastin fibres - the keepers of tight, youthful skin. As energy is applied, these fibres slowly respond by tightening existing bonds and generating new, resilient collagen. Skin is smoother, younger looking and more radiant.


Sometimes, we want a quick, powerful solution to address bothersome facial areas. Often, those areas include the neck, chin, jawline or brows. As the effects of time and sun exposure slowly appear, our facial contours fall. Brows become heavy and eyelids fold under, our smooth jawline and tight chin lose their shape and our neck, like melting wax, softly hangs. Ugh!

Ultherapy® is a treatment uniquely indicated to lift facial skin. Targeting specific, troublesome areas, Ultherapy® can be performed independently or in combination with Thermage® for a more robust outcome. In a similar timeframe (three to six months), Ultherapy® will lift sagging skin - without surgery or downtime.

It focuses powerful ultrasound energy at various skin depths to achieve its trademark lift. In a similar fashion to Thermage®, Ultherapy® promotes an initial tightening of existing collagen while simultaneously encouraging new production. It is another excellent solution for an effective non-surgical facelift and our go-to treatment for browlift!


So…you are a very busy individual and you like to stretch out the expense of your skin investment. Not a problem! For skin tightening on the go, or for long-term maintenance of any of the above, consider a series of FIRM™ treatments. These gentle, ultra comfortable (dare we say, enjoyable) skin tightening treatments allow for a gradual approach and investment in skin tightening. Over an initial series of six to eight affordable sessions, FIRM™ treatments stimulate a similar contraction and stimulation of collagen and elastin.

As a maintenance solution, FIRM™ treatments are known to maintain skin tightening results in the face of continuous aging. Patients enjoy the warm treatment sensation and then returning immediately to regular activities. It is a recommended alternative or complement to your regular clinical peel or microdermabrasion treatment. FIRM™ treatments are also ideal as a preventative or introductory skin tightening treatment plan for patients in their 30s.

By applying radio frequency energy more superficially, FIRM™ treatments gradually heat outer layers of collagen. Through multiple treatments, multiple applications of heat lead to increased firmness and radiance.

And if that isn’t enough, we also have another treatment option for tightening called Fractora®.

The beauty of these non-surgical facelift procedures is their high safety, no to minimal downtime and easy ability to be combined with other treatments for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.  We strive to find a solution that is right for you.

Learn more about our non-surgical facelift options today. Request a no-obligation, complimentary consultation today!

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