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25 May 2017

Chin fat reduction in Victoria, B.C.

Have you noticed that your chin and jawline don’t look quite as refined as they once did? Or perhaps at any age, you have always noticed this genetically inherited double chin type fullness. Now there is a non-surgical solution that removes fat for men and women. Victoria, B.C. and Vancouver Island residents who are seeking to reduce a double chin or contour their jawline, need look no further than Belkyra™.

Is there a difference between Belkyra™ and Kybella®?

You may have heard of both Kybella® and Belkyra® as injectable treatments to reduce double chins, and wondered if one is better than the other. The fact of the matter is, they are one in the same treatment. The branding is just different in the United States where it’s known as Kybella, while in Canada, we call it Belkyra.

How Belkyra works.

The active ingredient in Belkyra is found normally in our body. The Belkyra treatment involves the application of a precise treatment grid underneath your chin. This maps out precisely where the medicated treatment will be injected. Once the medication has been delivered, it breaks down the fat cells, releasing their contents which are then processed through our body’s natural disposal pathways. A side bonus that has been noted from this treatment is a firming effect for improved jawline contours.

Belkyra recovery.

Treatments take 15-20 minutes. There is an option for a local anesthetic. Many patients elect to treat without this and will experience 15 minutes or so of a stinging sensation that is relieved with a cool compress.  Some swelling can last for a week or two and there is a possibility of bruising. There is no need to refrain from your usual activities after the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Two to four treatment sessions, two months apart are usually needed for best results.  Some patients will realize their desired result with one treatment; the majority will need at least two treatments.
If I gain weight, will the fat come back? Clinical results have shown that Belkyra chin fat reduction results are  just as long lasting as surgical liposuction; they are not undone by weight gain post treatment.  

If you’re ready to slim down and firm up your chin and jawline, Belkyra may be for you. To find out, book a consultation with us today.

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