Beauty Through the Ages.

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4 April 2017

Beautiful, healthy skin at every stage of life with Cosmedica.

As a leading centre for dermatology and laser therapy, skin is most definitely our thing! Dr. Lupin has dedicated his career to the advancement of dermatology, facial rejuvenation and laser therapy–often contributing as an advisor to laser developers as the science and technology improves and evolves. The passion and dedication he brings to his practice is what makes Cosmedica a trusted resource for Victoria and Vancouver Island residents who are seeking to preserve the health and integrity of their skin at every age.

The aging process is complex, and exhibits itself uniquely for every individual based on their age and lifestyle choices. While some things are out of our hands, like our genetic predispositions and inevitable hormonal shifts, the majority of the visible signs of aging are both preventable and treatable!

Whether you are in your teens or 20s and looking to establish good habits, or in your 60s and beyond, and looking to see the energy and vitality you feel inside reflected back at you in the mirror, we can help. We have a myriad of non-invasive, safe and highly effective treatment options–and most importantly the experience and expertise–at our disposal to help you achieve your goals.

In your 20s

These are the years for prevention. Ensuring that you wear a topical antioxidant and a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen every day, rain or shine combined with high quality, medical grade skin care and mineral cosmetics is an ideal recipe for healthy skin in your 20s. Monthly professional clinical peels and/or microdermabrasion are the treatments of choice to keep your skin at its best.

In your 30s

You may need to step up your skincare game by introducing repairing treatments such as eye creams and pigment inhibiting serums. Faint brown spots and facial redness may contribute to an uneven skin tone, while expression lines may start to appear. Professional neuromodulator treatments, such as Botox, will do wonders to smooth wrinkles while IPL Photorejuvenation and/or Clear + Brilliant laser will brighten and improve the evenness of the skin tone.

In your 40s

Hormonal changes that begin as early as our late 30s contribute to volume loss that manifests as a tired look and ill-defined facial contours. Peptide-rich skincare formulations paired with dermal filler treatments and skin tightening devices such as Thermage and Ultherapy are all excellent options to address this common aging concern. In addition to concerns with volume loss, the signs of sun damage become more visible–think fine lines, enlarged pores and defined brown spots. Fractional laser resurfacing is the gold standard treatment to turn back the clock on these aging changes with the dual benefit of also improving skin health.

In your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

The signs of aging that begin in the 30s and 40s progress into the 50s and beyond. A multifarious treatment plan that includes homecare, non-invasive laser, light therapy and radiofrequency treatments will preserve the health and integrity of the skin, while facial rejuvenation techniques such as neuromodulators and dermal filler treatments refresh and restore harmony to the facial features.

Beautiful skin at every stage.

Whatever stage of the aging process you find yourself, there is a treatment plan that suits your unique needs. We’re confident that we can guide you on a beautiful rejuvenation journey through the ages. Contact us to arrange a professional, personal consultation today.

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