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Articles and Interviews

Lupin Magazine Covers

Dr. Mark Lupin, Board Certified Dermatologist, is a world authority on medical aesthetics. He has published many articles and has been interviewed by journalists writing for medical journals, as well as for consumer magazines such as O Magazine, Elle, Flare, Macleans, Best Health, Hello Canada, Elevate Magazine, and Glow Magazine. He frequently teaches and lectures around the world about the highly specialized area of laser medicine, anti-aging techniques and skin health. Here are some of those featured articles and quotes.


TC Healthy Living April 2010

I enjoy giving my patients the results they deserve — finding solutions that work with their lifestyles.

TC Healthy Living Feb 2010

With time, our skin loses its support and gradually thins. This can lead to a drawn, weary or tired appearance.

TC Healthy Living Feb 2009

Let’s begin by looking at the word, “cosmetic,” from the Greek word, cosmos (kosmos) which does not mean beauty. Instead, it means “order.” Of course, we are most familiar with this word in terms of the universe being called the cosmos.

TC Healthy Living April 2009

To put our lives in order, we must plan. We plan our grocery lists, vacations, daily activities ... If we want to really get organized, we set personal goals to more effectively achieve our dreams.

TC Healthy Living Oct 2009

Perhaps because browns and reds seem more prominent after summer sun, two of the most common inquiries at Cosmedica at this time of year concern uneven skin tone and the “colours” of age and sun damage.

Bacteria Skin Infections

Our skin is host to a number of bacteria, most of which are beneficial. Including the friendly flora in our gut, more than 200 species of bacteria reside within the tissues exposed to the external environment. Skin infections result from these bacteria when the integrity of the skin breaks down or when the immune defense system is weak.


Beautiful You Feb 2010

Advances in non-invasive treatments for all layers of the skin now leave clients feeling and looking younger with little downtime.

The Province Feb 25

Advances in non-invasive treatments for all layers of the skin now leave clients feeling and looking younger with little downtime.

Skin and Allergy News

A novel microwave device significantly reduced underarm sweating in two studies involving a total of 151 patients with axillary hyperhidrosis.

The Body Beautiful

Keep your skin healthy, silky-soft and glowy all over - at any age. BY WING SZE TANG.
Eye crinkles, smile lines, dark spots - sadly, the telltale signs of aging can be written all over our faces. Luckily, the skin on the rest of the body tends to be thicker, more resilient and slower to show the toll of time. But don't assume you can slack off: Keeping the body's skin in fine form requires regular TLC.

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